is ervamatin hair lotion good for hair growth

Is Ervamatin Hair Lotion Good for Hair Growth? Does it Work?

Ervamatin hair oil is the most revolutionary hair regrowth product available in the world. Made using some of the finest ingredients available, Ervamatin hair lotion can help in reducing hair fall and stimulating hair growth. So, it is a boon for everyone who is seeking to increase the hair density over their scalp. However, it is NOT a cure for baldness. Hence, it is recommended mainly for people losing their hair and not if they have already lost it.

What is Ervamatin Hair Oil?

Of the many hair products available, Ervamatin hair lotion is the best hair care oil in the market right now. It is essentially a nutrition product/oil made using some of the finest ingredients in the world. All the cultures use some form of a special herb (or) a tree oil in their hair care routine. Ervamatin combines all these ingredients and gives you the best hair oil, in the world.

Some of the ingredients used in making this wonder serum are, extracts from

  • Saccharum officinarum (or) Sugarcane
  • Agave Rigida
  • Saponaria officinalis
  • Smilax officinalis and more.

Agave rigida is native to Central America and in several local cultures in the region, this plant is used in several hair and skin care routines. Saponaria officinalis is a flowering plant that is native to Europe and Siberia, and Saccharum officinarum or commonly known as Sugarcane are both primary ingredients used to make the hair oil. Smilax officinalis is a woody plant that predominantly grows in the tropical forests of the world. It is colloquially called as Sarsaparilla. Smilax officinalis is known to reduce irritation, itching and other discomforts caused by bacteria. It removes the growth of harmful microbes and enhances hair growth.

ingredients of ervamatin hair lotion

Ervamatin Hair Lotion revitalizes the hair roots and boosts the growth of new hair buds. In essence the oil stimulates the growth of new hair as well as protects the available hair by thickening them. This double advantaged oil smells and feels fresh and gives a soothing sensation on your scalp.

The Price of Ervamatin Hair Oil in India

The price of the Ervamatin Hair Lotion has created a contention among the many eagerly waiting customers. The reason for such a high price is that the company has to source the ingredients fresh, from around the world. The effectiveness of the hair lotion depends on how fresh the ingredients are, in the said date. Hence, to maintain consistency in the quality of the finished product, we employ a series of logistics companies to bring in the fresh ingredients.

The second thing is the formula. The Research and Development team at Ervamatin has spent millions in research and years of their time to bring out this unique formula. It took hundreds of failed experiments, (not to mention the varieties of ingredients that didn’t work out) before we arrived at our solution.

Hence, the final price of the product in terms of USD came out to be around $50. This price in Indian currency comes to around ₹ 4000. So, it is not inherently costly, but, a standard product with a higher quality.

The price of Ervamatin hair oil in India is about ₹ 3,999 for 200ml. It is however, available with seasonal offers on our Ervamatin Official Website. The offer available right now is the ‘Navratri offer’ which makes the effective price to just ₹2,499/-

Similarly, the two bottle pack is priced very competitively at a meagre ₹4899/- and the four bottle pack is an affordable ₹9599/-

Does Ervamatin Work?

Ervamatin hair oil works incredibly well. It is designed to stimulate the hair follicles on the scalp and nourish them with nutrients. It is very different from other hair oils and oils in this sense. Every other hair oil stick to the hair or gets deposited on the scalp where it remains until being washed off. Ervamatin on the other hand, penetrates through scalp, even though the hair roots, where it deposits on the Dermis layer inside the skin. The ingredients used to make Ervamatin hair oil, start working at this layer.

The extracts from the valuable ingredients start replenishing the regions with vital nutrients. It is recommended that you use the Ervamatin oil continuously for at least three months to see the changes in your scalp. It is with continuous application the hair follicles can be grown back again. Hence, we recommend you to use the oil every day, as a routine. For better effects, include the hair oil in your head massage routine and find the solution remove your stress away.

All-in-all Ervamatin provides a better solution for hair loss control and hair regrowth.

Buy Ervamatin Online in India

Ervamatin Hair oil is available across all major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, ShopClues etc. and you can order it on the company’s Asian website –

There are a few advantages of buying the hair oil in the company’s official website. The most important reason being the surprise discounts. The website allows for seasonal discounts, like we saw earlier. With at least one major festival each month, in India, you can sure get the hair oil at some discount all through the year. This is however not possible through the e-commerce channels.

The e-commerce websites have restrictions on the number of times you can provide a discount for a product and this limits the company from providing discounts through these channels. At Ervamatin Asia, we provide you with promotional offers that helps you to save a hefty amount on your monthly hair care bills. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter. We also provide exclusive coupon codes to our subscribers.

So, the next time when you buy online Ervamatin hair oil, make sure you visit our official site. The Ervamatin community is fast growing into millions and we would be glad if you could join us and benefit yourself.

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